Saturday March 17th 2018

2nd Part CCSVI Why time is our enemy

2nd part of the video. What is considered a medical break trhrough? Ideas for who you can contact to help spreak the word about CCSVI. Here is a link to a petition I started for more studies and coverage in the US Well I went ahead and made a petition for the United States to try and get more coverage of CCSVI and the hopes of having it fast tracked. Please sign and pass it along! Thanks, Andrea

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  • astronautsandwitch says:

    Why did the Israelites oppose and persecute Jesus? Because he undermined their business.
    Why is the MS society and their partners (Biogen, Novartis, Merck and Teva) are against CCSVI Because he undermined their business.
    BUT we are in the 21 st century, Kuwait has recommended CCSVI to all their ms patient, other countries that care and will advance CSVI

  • enodmeedgraffa says:

    im fully agree with u, good luck!

  • CraigSparham says:

    i kow when i was told 20 years ago jumping out of my van crossed my. mind thanfully i talked to myself and the posible future effects grossly outweighed the curret situation. now ihave 3 kids.

  • CraigSparham says:

    saying walking in an other person’s shoes takes on a different meaning. it is VERY cruel to have someone afflicted.

  • CraigSparham says:

    the closest i have found are irishbear’s videos but even then i don’t know of anyone who is stuck in this wheelchair.

  • CraigSparham says:

    i learnedd i had to stay away from neurologists,they are a tight knit group. i think irishbear76 explains it well. i enjoy lauren’s videos

  • CraigSparham says:

    so far i think halifax, edmonton and vancouver r setting up. i am waiting for a reply from my case coordinator. sent emails to the national and local society

  • CraigSparham says:

    12 years of learning how to read stats andthen put them into a useable format. a lot of it was boring calculus and metalurgy.

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    Hi Craig,

    I am not understanding your comment. 12 years of uni??? What is the knowledge? Foregive me if I seem dense LOL

  • CraigSparham says:

    i was a professional enginer would like to get back to it, 12 years of uni gotta share the knowledge.

  • notapplicable66 says:

    Yes that also happens as well. Does the increase in these certain hormones cause this? Or is something different entirely? Like the T-suppressor cells over riding the immune system and telling it to slow or shut down? On another note I always believed that when a woman has a miscarriage, it’s not very often a case of something wrong with the fetus, but it’s a case of the woman’s immune system not slowing down enough so it attacks the fetus.

  • msclinicaltrialsinfo says:

    And…the immune system slows down as not to target the fetus as a foreign invader. Lots surrounding immunity. Dr. Zamboni’s research highlights an immune reaction to the iron passing the brain barrier.

  • notapplicable66 says:

    Yes that might be the reason. I think Men tend to progress faster because they don’t have the hormone levels that women do. And women’s levels are decreasing and increasing all the time.

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    Yes I knew all of that and I wonder if that is why men tend to progress faster than women?

    I had my first big relapse that got me diagnosed after a complete hysterectomy. I think the sudden change in my hormen levels is what brought on the big attack.

  • notapplicable66 says:

    People don’t talk much about hormones and MS. Did you ever read that Women get MS nearly 3-1 over men. Women are more hormonal then men are. Pregnant women with MS go into remission and stay in it while they are pregnant. Estrogen, progesterone and melatonin levels increase greatly while pregnant.

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    I am so happy you found us and there are many others as well as myself trying to get more coverage of this!!

    Things are starting to look up.


  • pafiakos says:

    i am a new subscriber to your blog.Thanks for leading the fight for the new treatment.

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    Will do, thanks!

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    I understand the drug companies and the loss of profit and their motivation.

    What I don’t understand is the doctors? Is it profit as well?

    I suppose getting funding for the research needed for CCSVI is going to be very hard to get. That will be the next big hurdel I think.

  • ThePennygirl says:

    check out (marcstck) @ utube! and his blog.
    I found this intelligent writting with hope! and the vids with wheelchairs is creative and warm hearted.

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    It’s is hard not to think of dark things when you are in pain and know that the disease is always attacking your body.

    I too have had these types of thoughts and feel that it is important to talk about them. It can’t be ignored any longer.

    I am tired of loosing freinds to this disease and afraid of loosing myself as well.

  • andie221 says:

    I am quite sure that most if not all “sufferers” entertain that thought. Sometimes it’s – “I hope I just don’t wake up in the morning.” because what is the point and where is the hope! THIS is hope and what gives all the doctors, the drug companies along with all others concerned the RIGHT to BLOW THIS OFF! Come and try to walk in my concrete shoes!

  • qualisarx says:

    Thedrug comanies do Not want Dr. Zamboni’s treat thay want to push something they make a PROFIT from! Good video !

  • bvaleriea says:

    I have been told by a doctor that blood pressure medication also seems to help MS symptoms such as the “cold” feelings in feet…geesh could that mean a blood circulation issue????
    I also feel strongly that people with or without MS just don’t want to hear us talk of suicide thoughts because they can’t
    “fix” it or us… so better to not hear it.
    Well sometimes I just can’t “keep my chin up” Sometimes I just want to say ENOUGH. Doesn’t mean I will do anything but the thought is there.

  • andie221 says:

    Yes this research needs to be supported and not be swept under the carpet in the hope it will “just go away!” Ask questions, seek publicity and obtain more statements from those involved in and a part of this research

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