Saturday March 17th 2018

CCSVI As Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Images from my diagnostic MRV showing jugular stenosis, and corrective stents/angioplasty. More at

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  • milorad173 says:

    bravo on video!!!!

  • 33rojrsr says:

    SammyJo, thank you very much for this video, also for healingpower web , it’s been useful in this journey with my son with ms, your effort it’s appreciated,
    thanks! Blessings.
    Dad4 MS folks & son.

  • Alexknobsob says:

    wonderful, now will the governments abandon their medical share hold, or do they need the angioplasty as well?

  • piumi69 says:

    I’m one of the 120 patients treated more than two years ago by doc zamboni and doc salvi in Italy and since then I didn’t have any crisis again (I aslo quitted the interferon beta treatment)…

  • i7sigilli says:

    thanks for posting .

  • suburbansusie8 says:

    This is a GodSend to me this day. Thankyou for sharing.

  • MillionsStrong4MS says:

    I have RRMS, and I feel hopeful for the first time in years. Check out my new FB group M.S. (Millions Strong to raise awareness of C.C.S.V.I.). My group provides links to valuable resources to learn about new surgical procedures for people who suffer from M.S.

  • 9gabbycats says:

    Here is another!
    Multiple Sclerosis National Research Institute 1-866-676-7400
    I left voice mail notifying them the the National MS Society is offering to fund further research and developments of CCSVI and that I wanted them to contact them at 1-800-344-4867 and apply for the funding and get on this NOW!!! Please do the same and pass this on to all you can think of!

  • 9gabbycats says:

    Call the National Multiple Sclerosis Society @ 1-800-344-4867 and tell them to put you on the interested party list and TELL OUR DOCTORS TO START SENDING THEIR PATIENTS FOR AN MRV AND AT LEAST START CHECKING FOR CCSVI! Please pass this along! They are taking names and numbers and stories!

  • steffi2italy says:

    Impressive video

    I did not know one can also diagnose CCSVI with Magnetic Resonance Venography (MVR). Only knew about Doppler.

  • gekiryudojo says:

    this could possibly be the Biggest thing ever to Happen in the MS world 🙂

  • MsGirlOnline says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! Keep the updates comming!

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