Saturday March 17th 2018

CCSVI the Liberation of multiple sclerosis


Posted by Eric Beauchamp

13 Comments for “CCSVI the Liberation of multiple sclerosis”

  • gekiryudojo says:

    @alx16slv pessimist?

  • hkintheuk says:

    Excellent Video !
    MS-CCSVI-UK For The Win !
    Grats To You ALL !

  • gekiryudojo says:

    thank you and your welcome X and Hugs 🙂

  • angelusa73 says:

    Awesome video, dear Trevor!
    I just posted it on the flowers4MS facebook page because I feel that we need hope and this video makes me feel very hopeful!
    Great job, Trevor!
    Hugs 🙂

  • HKeele says:

    Listen you guys we have to staart spreading the word. Copy this link and send it EVERYONE in your contact list of your email. EVERYONE. We aslos have to convince Biojen and others to take the high road and help us beyond drugs.

  • Vivianne766 says:

    If the narrowing of veins is not in the neck it might be in the chest where the blood drains out of spine.

  • gekiryudojo says:

    your welcome!

  • MSVlogSupport says:

    Thanks Trevor!

  • tazscott14 says:

    This a great video to help get the word out there.

  • gekiryudojo says:

    Thanks Mark it’s number 7 in the charts as I write ! and 16 top rated,

  • irishbear76 says:

    this is REALLY, REALLY GOOD.
    I am very pleased with this.
    it is a great visual video to show how REAL CCSVI is.
    Thank you.

  • andie221 says:

    Thank you for this….

  • Steve says:

    It is funny how our governments in North America could spend billions on a vaccine for the swine flu scare that was blown out of proportion to make a few Pharmaceutical companies rich, but don’t want to help people that want this promising MS treatment. Guess why? Big Pharma will lose money from patients getting better and not needing to depend on drugs . Big Pharma does not have the best interest of MS patients in mind. You are just a number to them and a big $$$ sign. Until the Canadian government and many doctors decide not to be bullied and bribed by Big Pharma this countries health system will be worse than the third world !!

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