Sunday January 21st 2018

Opinion: Why won’t the MS Society help people?

Last night on the news, we heard that the medical profession and the MS Society turned down the “liberation” treatment that is now available to patients with multiple sclerosis.

They will not even consider trials, which tells me there is no interest in helping MS people have a better quality of life. How sick is that?

In one breath they say more testing is needed; in the next, it’s “No, we won’t try Dr. Zamboni’s findings.”

We took our granddaughter to Costa Rica and she had marvellous results. Each week, she seems to be more excited because she’s getting her life back. She’s walking now, seeing better, etc.

I would like to know if the medical community and MS Society have followed any of these patients with a new life around. Maybe they should get off their butts and do this kind of research, because what they are doing is ignoring the help that is there.

We don’t know if this is a cure, but we do know there are blockages in the veins that, when opened, all are in way better health than before.

I would think not being allowed to have this corrective surgery would be against your constitutional rights as a Canadian. If there’s something wrong, it should be fixed.

I’m asking the Canadian people to fight for our MS patients, to demand this help for our friends and relatives. I feel if the MS Society refuses to try a process that works, then we must take action and stop funding them.

Write, call, demand and scream for your rights. Do it now. Remember: people power works.

Lorna Murray, Midland

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  • Lisa says:

    Well said Lorna. I have been an active member myself of our local chapter of the MS Society for many years. I have been very involved in fund raising activities such as the annual Rona MS Bike Tour, Super Cities Walk, etc. I have had MS for 18 years and am going on a cane and walker. How dare the society turn their backs on us. Yesterday I resigned from being a member of the MS Societry. I would urge others to do the same. They are clearly not out to help find a cure for us. It appears to me that they are being bullied by either government or big pharma, perhaps both. The way we are being treated is inhumane. Hope your granddaughter continues to improve, congratulations to your family.

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