Sunday March 18th 2018

Moncton MS patients to undergo treatment in Florida

“It’s just like a sand castle when the tide’s starting to come in,” says Rachelle (Bourque) Dow of Amherst about the slow erosion of her health by MS.

“Before I could see stages of progression, but then it would settle down after a few weeks or whatever and (I’d) sort of regain. Now it’s been steadily progressive, but so slow that I can’t say well this week I have lost this or that.”

It’s all about gaining ground now though, because Rachelle and her friend Janic Benoit of Moncton, also an MS sufferer, have an appointment in December in Clearwater, Florida, for C C S V I testing and the Liberation Treatment.

A native New Brunswicker, Rachelle lived in Port Elgin until the age of six, then moved with her family to Dorchester where she grew up. Her mother, Marie (Mamma) Bourque, was a well-loved French teacher there.

It was at the age of 33 that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, between the births of her son and daughter – her numbness and fatigue

“overlooked” for two years before diagnosis. It was not an easy road, compounded by the fact that she was tending to a visually-impaired toddler (her son, Michael, is legally blind).

Living with MS has been difficult for both Rachelle and Janic – who was diagnosed at the age of 16 and is now confined to a motorized wheelchair.

The hope that their quality of life can be significantly improved is pretty exciting.

“I’m optimistically excited,” says Rachelle. “Whenever I’d see an article, I’d just get more frustrated with my symptoms where before I knew I could do nothing about them. I would sort of just have to pull up my socks and keep on going. Now knowing that there’s actually something out there right now – it’s a driving force.

“Some people say that literally they can feel a flushing down their their neck, and some strength regained in their limbs and so on like that (following treatment). All the reports that I’ve heard have been very positive.”

Rachelle and Janic will travel to the sunshine state together on December 7, and remain there for four days until all testing and treatment has been completed.

Needless to say it’s extremely expensive, costing approximately $10,000 each, plus airfare, hotel and related expenses. Fundraising by family and friends (who have been hugely supportive) is ongoing, including an evening at The Bend, a Moncton pub hosting music organized by Michael Dow, on November 6. A silent auction will also take place on November 14th in Fort Lawrence, Nova Scotia, at Between the Hearts Renewal Centre, which also include an afternoon of music and activities for the whole family.

MS is a crippling disease, and the opportunity for a better life will be seized. The simple things we take for granted would be a dream come true for Rachelle Dow, who says quietly:

“I want to do some long walks with my husband (David).”

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  • Lori Batchelor says:

    I wish you great success–any improvement is worth it!

    The only thing that has ever helped any of my MS symptoms since I was diagnosed in 1990, becoming secondary/progressive in the mid-90’s, was venous angioplasty for CCSVI in March, 2011. Overnight, my balance returned. My heat intolerance was eliminated. Drop-foot improved dramatically. My emotions stabilized and I haven’t had one of my “MS headaches”, that I used to get almost weekly, since treatment. I am very active with swimming and Aquafit now, to keep my blood flowing. My EDSS (disability) score went from 6.5 to 4, which is supposedly not possible for someone with s/p MS but I proved them wrong! Please see one of my before/after videos:
    MS Mobility Improvement

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