Saturday March 17th 2018

Forced to seek MS treatment in U.S

We just had the most amazing and successful fundraiser at the Fogolar Furlan for my husband, Barry Ashby. He suffers with multiple sclerosis (MS), has narrowed neck veins and goes to California on March 22 for the “Liberation Therapy” (CCSVI), unfortunately, not yet available in Canada. With almost 1,000 in attendance, we reached our goal.

The biggest, heartfelt thank you to all who planned, attended, volunteered, donated, prayed and encouraged. This has been an overwhelming and humbling experience that we will never forget.

Barry personally has spoken with individuals who have had this procedure. Many now have significantly less pain, more energy, better balance, improved bladder function, etc. There is finally hope for a better quality of life. Who could disagree with this opportunity?

Well, in the Globe and Mail letters to the editor on March 4, Arthur Vanek, MD, from Toronto stated, “I am perturbed that OHIP covers the cost of aftercare for patients who undergo experimental surgery for MS outside the country. I have similar feelings about my tax dollars being used to treat complications of cosmetic surgery. Doesn’t our health care system have many worthier priorities?”

We didn’t know whether to cry or scream. How can he compare the pain and suffering of individuals with MS to those having cosmetic surgery? Thank God Barry has a very kind, compassionate doctor.

There is more than enough evidence to warrant a thorough investigation of Dr. Paolo Zamboni’s discovery. Ask anyone with MS. For now, individuals are forced to leave Canada, spending thousands of dollars, precious time and energy, which many cannot afford.

The least our government can do is to see how and if these individuals have been helped. Each experience is part of the puzzle that desperately needs completing.

And, please have some empathy along the way.


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  • pp2891 says:

    I hope everything goes well for your husband!
    There is a closer place that offers the treatment in the US. This clinic is in Dayton, OH. It is closer to Canada so it would save expenses and there is great accommodation there too. Its okay, maybe if you knew before, but I hope everything works out!

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