Monday March 19th 2018

Federal government moves CCSVI study forward

The benefits of MS Liberation Therapy have been touted by Saskatchewan residents who’ve travelled the globe to have it. They say it makes a world of difference in their symptoms.

Now, the federal government has made another step towards their own trial here at home. A research team has been chosen and is now awaiting approval by an ethics committee.

“Once the approval has been given, which we don’t expect will take too long, the funding can be released and the researchers can begin their work which we expect to begin in the fall of this year,” explained Tom Lukiwski, Member of Parliament for Regina Lumsden-Lake Centre.

The national study is co-sponsored by the MS Society of Canada who have donated half a million dollars to phase one and two of the trial.

“Phase one trials are really to determine safety,” said Janet Nicolson with the Saskatchewan branch of the MS Society of Canada. “We have seen cases across the world where people who’ve gone for CCSVI, Liberation Therapy, have seen complications with that and we really want to minimize that risk if this procedure is approved in Canada.”

Saskatchewan will likely participate. Last year the Wall Government announced $5 million to fund MS trials. Almost half will be spent sending patients to Albany, New York, the other potentially to the federal study.

“I’m interested, in terms of finally coming to the conclusion that angioplasty is a safe procedure and that’s on the key research questions that the feds are looking at,” said Mark Docherty. The Regina Coronation Park MLA also suffers from MS and travelled abroad to have the liberation therapy.

The number of patients, procedure, location, criteria and cost for the federal study will be mostly in the hands of the research team once they pass their ethics review.

Hundreds of Saskatchewan patients applied for the trial in New York. Roughly 90 are being randomly selected for eligibility screening that is expected to be finished at the end of the month.

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2 Comments for “Federal government moves CCSVI study forward”

  • Denise Green says:

    My daughter has relapsing/remitting MS and has been slowing deteriorating. How can I find out about getting her into a trial, if possible, at our location in NW Florida?

  • Val. Baranowski says:

    Does anyone know if there are to be trials in B.C.? And what will a person need to do inorder to be part of the trials? There are two people in our family that have MS and at present basically doing as we have been informed “you’ve got MS learn to live with it”. Now that there is another option I am sure everyone with MS is quit interested in the posibility of at least slowing down the progresion

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