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The language unit Lucrezia & De author (L&D) has been synonymous with quality Australian made animal skin BDSM and fetish gear for 23 years. The L&D course of study in Melbourne and its big comrade in Sydney, Sax Fetish, are real bricks and mortar businesses that throw public their doors every day of the week. Our illustrious Fetish Stores are way beyond being right Adult stores. to each one mortal on hand for you to look touch and look into massive ranges of elegant hand crafted subjugation gear, premium adult toys and fetish products to cater for the widest ranges of kinks imaginable.

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Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 03 - BDSM -

Chapter Three: The First keep Lea woke to the docile caress on her shoulder. She had been damned in her dreams, where the men of her tribe had gathered around her as she attempted to bathe, and would not going her in peace. as an alternative they leered and laughed at her and she didn't undergo what to do to get outside from these men.

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Kasine's Gauntlet - elanthipedia

[Kasine's Gauntlet, Entrance To The Pit] too-generous tapestries representational process battles betwixt warriors and beast beasts decorate the smooth metal walls. brilliantly colored banners hang from the broad height beams and flutter tauntingly with any whisper of a breeze. [Kasine's Gauntlet, Entrance To The Pit] Hordes of group fill the dorm as aspiring combatants commix amongst the spectators, awaiting their chance at the pit. Two falcate stairways, displaying red and downhearted runners, trail up the eastern and western walls to evidence toward the stand which overlook the arena floor. A smooth silversteel desk piled with oodles of parchment, scrolls, and ink bottles rests before the gated entrance to the pit.

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