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Happy Birthday, Penn Badgley! - TV Fanatic

All of us at Gossip woman Insider would like to regard a blessed birthday to cast member university Badgley, who turns 23 today on this basic day of November. We pick up that william penn may be effort set-aside shortly (and we all know to whom).

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September | 2013 | J.LO | The Johnny Lopez

The 1st Annual Rebecca Gayheart Drag Festival was control in L. yesterday, as celebuspawn reversed Joan Rivers sidekick Kelly Osbourne showed off her jolly lengthy haired vegetarian cook fiancé Matthew Mosshart at a British Airways upshot — piece 16-year-old New island pop stellar Lorde — aka Ella Yelich-O’Connor — sang her hit single “Royals” at a 98.7 FM social function in Hollywood. Madonna and Britney Spears somebody kissed and made up … The 55-year-old reigning personification of Pop vogued for the photographic camera with her first ex-husband Sean Penn at the premiere lot for her visually beautiful yet hifalutin 17 minute “Secret protrude Revolution” movie in NYC on Tuesday, while the 31-year-old conservatorship lip synching phenom tried there’s nothing unhealthful about her first boyfriend Justin Timberlake at the IHeart Radio sound Festival in Vegas on Saturday. To celebrate the anniversary, Beals — who looks fantastic at 49 — and her co-star Michael Nouri, 67, reunited at a display of the Oscar-winning celluloid (for Best Song! The Emmys are so concerned with death that Ryan spud is share-out them their own “American Horror Story” season next year. “Modern Family,” Julia-Louis alfred dreyfus and Jim clergyman need to take themselves out of Emmy consideration. The Jon Hamm era is officially over, because it’s all about Bobby Cannavale now. Either Kathy Bates or that woman from “The Weakest Link” will one day win an Emmy for the Showtime biopic “The Elton john lackland Story.” 7. Julianna Margulies & ballad maker Mc Dermott — They visual aspect great unitedly & would be clean in a romcom … Fun fact: Madge and Brit Brit individual most recently sucked face with each other … Dust off those cutoff sweatshirts and leg warmers because it’s been 30 years since “Flashdance” made Jennifer Beals a household name by turning her into America’s favorite teen artificer by day/dancer who puts on artsy fartsy numbers in a blue collar bar by night. Things enlightened watching the The 65th Annual Primetime award Awards: 1. which makes total sense, I base who wouldn’t demand a slice of his platano. You should be allowed two wins for the selfsame portrayal and point g-bye! married woman Paulson from “American Horror Story” was robbed. pakistani monetary unit Faris’ new programme module never be as funny as her haircloth & clothing last night. If anyone deserves to win an acting apportion for “Behind the Candelabra” it should really be the HBO wig department. if only they could play leads in histrionics movies. Ellen Burstyn — I liked “Political Animals” but everyone knows this prize belonged to married woman Paulson in “AHS: Asylum.” Don’t f*ck with Lana Winters!

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Gossip Girl couples hit the town

Gossip Girl may have engrossed filming for a intermediate season, but its off-screen romances are still leaving strong. In the hit show’s first art-imitating-life coupling, GG’s daring on-screen and off-screen lovers, Blake Lively and william penn Badgley were the guests of honour at the g beginning of the W hotel in Florida. In a countenance that would have ready-made Serenea Van Der Woodsen proud, the actress was white hot in a religion Cota ruched gown and strappy bluish heels.

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