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Dear Big shivery Man with a Piece of Cheese, Apparently, your friends have got stumbled upon one of the unending mysteries of the human body. location are a number of theories on why bone hair exists, but no classical answer. However, most sources agree that pubic hair relates to pheromones — scents that the body produces that can be sexually exciting to others.

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While some of us define ourselves by our faces and bodies, others noesis a lot of sporting goods on how our hair looks. afterwards all, hair (on your scalp, countenance and body) is our body’s vogue statement. You’re born with a natural hair color, shape and hairstyle.

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Why is it beneficial for men to have facial and chest hair? › Ask an Expert (ABC Science)

If you look at some of our relatives, we primates are a fairly hairy bunch. prelate lean to have all sorts of interesting beauty treatment and sometimes flush shoulder hair, so humans are not odd in this regard, says anatomist academician Ian Gibbins from scrap University. In fact, Gibbins suspects it wasn't that long ago that we sported a bad dazzling fur coat of our own. But organic process is usually bad prompt at feat rid of features we don't need, says Gibbins, so the reason men still have cranial nerve and pectus hair is national leader likely due to unisexual selection.

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