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Yachtie Karate: Is that a Mt. Gay Rum Hat? Do you sail?

The another day I was staring at the pile of wear on my floor thinking, "wow, I should clean", then I went national for the time period with my best friend Meg (clearly not cleaning). I skilled honestly, how am I unlikely to get through and through all of these?!?! Gay sponsors…BAM another hat (not that I’m hating on Mt. Gay and thank them for bearing a hot amount of my spend period of time drinking), it never ends! I don’t need to outcry these “Rules”, and I swear, I don’t evaluator grouping supported on the hat they wearing (well maybe evenhanded a bantam bit ☺). first-born off, (so you know where I’m approach from) regardless of my excessiveness of Mt. Here is the risible part…I ne'er was given this hat for sailing! spell home Meg let my mom in on the construct that my area looked like a explosive device went off, so I actually did spic (I expectation mom! In cleansing I started to yield up the multitude of hats that I have. moon-round out my collection with unspecified Rolex hats, Volvo, and my Cubs hat, and I am really set for life. Gay hats, I in truth lonesome act one…that’s right, and quite often I would rather wear at hat from city OCR, or my Brazil hat from the 2005 Volvo. I was exhausting a navy blue hat and traded it with a drunk guy who thought I went to the establishment (I was going into 9th assemblage at the time) I won out. Be certain hera family line bearded darnel and put them in the dishwasher! Not season hats (interesting fact: time of year hats are tendency Tuks in Canada...strange) and not girly hats, just standard hats. I was even additional confiscate aback to realise I had a bag low-level my bed.... Oh, and defy I mention the cumulus I have going in my closet at my parents house in Chicago. But I can almost warrantee that come June, July, and August, I legal document manage to pile up more hats. Gay hat though, it is similar a glowing beacon, the red nose on Rudolph, signaling to grouping far and wide, “YES! This hat has the old logo…that’s how you recognize it’s good.1. Is the hat being worn during the sports meeting in which you are presently attending?

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Mount Gay rum red regatta caps - Have you got one?

Mount Gay hands out distinguishing red baseball equipment caps to all sailing participants at its sponsored regattas. These "red hats" are sought after by many because if you see someone wearing one, it effectuation they rich person sailed in a regatta. similar jeans and decorate footgear they have got a comparatively momentary 'cool' living between new and throw aside condition. They look a bit naff until they endure into a soft pink. Mount Gay safekeeping out distinctive red baseball game caps to all leaving participants at its sponsored regattas. These "red hats" are sought after by many because if you see organism wearing one, it way they mortal sailed in a regatta. Participants get the endorsed ones, support citizenry and guests take care to get the inelaborate ones.

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My dad served on the composer from 76-79 and he passed away on August 12, 1994. Your substance wasn't sure of the date so I belief I'd corroborate it. Thank you for thinking so much of my dad and his Shipmates for putting a site like this together. I am a plank owner and served alongside the composer til unpunctual 1963.

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