Ultimate Hunter Guide 1-99

This article will take you through all that you have to know to prepare your Hunter, just as all the best strategies that you open and some gainful techniques towards the finish of the article. I am additionally going to discuss Birdhouse runs, which are apparently the quickest low level Hunter preparing strategy in the game. I will likewise discuss Implings, which are great cash at significant levels. At that point, I will give a major rundown of the entire guide toward the finish of the article. Hunter guide OSRS


It is essential to monitor the quantity of traps that you can set up when you are preparing Hunter. Each 20 levels, you can set up one more snare. Expanding the quantity of traps you have truly increases your XP every hour.

Things Required

While you are preparing Hunter, wearing Hunter gear doesn’t really do anything. Any Hunter Armor is totally corrective, and doesn’t expand the rate at which you get a creature. Smooth is an incredible covering set to wear while preparing Hunter. Be that as it may, for techniques like Chinchompas, where you don’t have to do a lot of running, you can wear anything you desire. It is significant on this rundown, that you have to finish Eagles’ Peak to have the option to set up Box Traps. The journey isn’t excessively long, and you additionally get a not too bad Hunter XP award for completing it. In this way, it is critical to escape the way once you have the necessity. I have additionally added the Ring of Pursuit to this rundown, which gives you a 25% possibility of uncovering the whole track of whatever you are following. Along these lines, this is for any creature that you get with a Noose Wand.

Quickest Way to 99 Hunter

Levels 1 – 9: Varrock Museum Quiz

Presently for the quickest method to 99 Hunter… The quickest method to level 99 is through the Varrock Museum. Doing the Varrock Museum Quiz will give you 1000 Hunter XP and 1000 Slayer XP. To begin it, you need to go to the storm cellar of the Varrock Museum, and address Orlando. He will at that point pose you to do a couple of inquiries in the entirety of the showcase cases around the storm cellar territory, and once you have addressed them all effectively, go address him, and he will give you your XP.

Levels 1 – 7: Polar Kebbits

On the off chance that, for reasons unknown, you would prefer not to go do that, at that point you can proceed to get Polar Kebbits, which are found north east of Rellekka in the cold Hunter territory. A decent method to arrive for a truly low level is to utilize a Camelot transport. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you have opened it, you can utilize the Fairy Ring code and afterward run somewhat north. It is truly prescribed to utilize the Ring of Pursuit while you are getting these, and it truly will accelerate the time it takes to find a workable pace.

Level 7 – 15: Feldip Weasels

At level 7, you open Feldip Weasels, and you ought to get onto these straight away subsequent to doing the Varrock Museum also. They are situated in the Feldip Hunter Area. A decent method to arrive is utilizing a Ring of Dueling Castle Wars. Or then again, you can likewise utilize a Gnome Glider, which takes you directly in the focal point of the region. Feldip Weasels can be gotten for around 6000 XP every hour, and in all honesty, that is in reality quicker than getting Birds. I will discuss getting Birds in the Alternative part off this guide. In any case, getting weasels is the quickest method to level 15.

Level 15 – 33: Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails

When you hit level 15, you open Ruby Butterflies, and these folks are situated in the Piscatoris Hunter region, which you can utilize a Piscatoris Teleport Scroll from the Grand Exchange to arrive actually rapidly. These butterflies are situated close to the Copper Longtails, which are flying creatures you can get with fledgling catches. In the event that you set up feathered creature traps while you getting the butterflies, you can find a good pace 000 XP every hour, which is great at level 15. At more elevated levels, you can get more than 20 000 XP every hour on the off chance that you have the winged animal catch set up right, and you camp at one of the butterfly generates.

Level 33 – 37: Barb-followed Kebbits and Crimson Swifts

When you arrive at level 33, you can get Barb-followed Kebbits, and these are likewise situated close to certain winged creatures. Be that as it may, this time, they are by Crimson Swifts. You need to return to the Feldip Hunter Area to get these ones, and you will require a hatchet and a blade to set up the Deadfall traps. You get more than 20 000 XP every hour while you are getting the winged creatures and the Barb-followed Kebbits. In the event that you have the Kandarin Head Gear, even Kandarin Head Gear 1 will work, you really cut 2 logs one after another for any normal tree. This makes chasing at Deadfalls significantly simpler and quicker. Along these lines, it is truly prescribed.

Level 37 – 43: Prickly Kebbits, Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails

At level 37, you open Prickly Kebbits, and these are situated close to feathered creatures and butterflies, which implies that you can get every one of the 3 simultaneously to get the most extreme XP every hour. You can get more than 30 000 XP an hour here, and you can likewise carry an etch with you to etch the Kebbit Spikes into Kebbit Bolts, which are stackable. Each Kebbit you catch will give you 6 Kebbit Bolts, which is what might be compared to around 500 coins. This takes in substantial income.

Level 43 – 57: Spotted Kebbits (Falconry)

At level 43, you open Spotted Kebbits in the Piscatoris Falconry. By paying 500 coins, you can lease a Falcon, which you can use to focus on the Kebbits in the fenced off zone. At level 43, you can get the Spotted Kebbits, and relying upon how centered you are the entire time, you can find a good pace 000 XP every hour. You can likewise carry a Bonecrusher with you, which consequently will cover the bones that you get, and implies that you just have half of the things that you would typically need to drop.

Level 57 – 60: Dark + Spotted Kebbits (Falconry)

At level 57, you open Dark Kebbits, and on the off chance that you get both Dark and Spotted Kebbits, you can get more than 60 000 – 70 000 XP every hour, and you ought to do these completely through to level 60 Hunter.

Level 60 – 67: Red Salamanders

At level 60, you open the capacity of having the option to set up 4 snares one after another. You open Red Salamanders at level 59 Hunter. Be that as it may, you should begin these at level 60 Hunter once you can put down 4 snares. You will win more than 80 000 XP every hour, and at more elevated levels, with a great deal of center, you can get more than 100 000 XP every hour. The Red Salamanders are situated close to the Ourania Altar, and a decent path there is by utilizing the Spirit tree to the Khazard Battlefield and strolling west.

Levels 67 – 80: Black Salamanders

At level 67, you open Black Salamanders, which are situated in the Wilderness close to the Green Dragons and the Hill Giants. You can get well more than 100 000 XP every hour here, and they are in under level 30 Wilderness, which implies that it is anything but difficult to transport out on the off chance that you get assaulted. Since you will be discharging the entirety of the Black Salamanders you get, it is just prescribed to do these to level 80. The XP rates are generally excellent here.

Level 80 – 99: 3 Tick Red Chinchompas

In any case, they are about equivalent to getting Red Chinchompas from level 80, with 5 snares set up at once. Getting Red Chinchompas regularly will get you around 100 000 XP every hour. In any case, utilizing the 3 tick Hunting technique to set up your case traps, you get about 20% more XP every hour, boosting you up around 160 000 – 170 000 XP every hour. Since this is situated in a protected spot and not in the Wilderness, this is the quickest preparing technique in the game. Entirely through from level 80 – 99 Hunter, you will make around 90 000 from Red Chinchompas, and on the off chance that you done the Western Provinces Hard Diary, you approach the Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground, where there are significantly more Chinchompa brings forth, and the ordinary zones are generally very swarmed with bots and other low level players. I have connected a 3 tick Hunting Guide toward the finish of this article, so look at that on the off chance that you are intrigued.

Level 80 – 99: Herbiboars

Another strategy that you open at level 80 Hunter is following Herbiboars on Fossil Island. To do this, you have to have finished the Bone Voyage mission. With Stamina Potions and extremely exact snaps, you can really get around 150 000 Hunter XP every hour. What’s more, you will get an additional 40 000 or so in Herblore XP for reaping the Herbiboars. While you are getting the Herbiboars, you additionally get an opportunity of getting the Herbi pet, which has a 1 out of 6500 drop rate.

Level 60 – 99: Maniacal Monkeys

Another technique that I have not spoken about that fits into this class is getting Maniacal Monkeys. By utilizing bananas as bate, you can get these folks for 1000 XP per monkey and a 1 out of 5000 possibility of getting a monkey tail. What is so acceptable about this technique is that is it far less snap serious. You won’t make as much XP every hour or GP every hour. Be that as it may, there is much less center included, which makes this an exceptionally welcoming strategy to certain players.

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